• Shawn

    i love this! love the idea of a reLOVEalution too! love u guys! …and i LOVE BERNIE…MORE THAN EVER. He is one of the greatest American heros ever. (ranked next to Thomas Paine in my books). He (with help of awesome courageous Progressives like you, Matthew Cooke…and Mark Ruffalo… so many wonderful Earth Angels… ) showed us our NUMBERS!

    We did not know til now… that we really do have the hearts of America… I believe we are the true 99% (at least 75!)…and continuing with Our Revolution in whatever form we choose to…will grow the numbers to at least 85%….no doubt…because Love and Compassion are nurturing and healing and that is the Shift that is needed.

    I think it’s important now…not to be pissed at Bernie (not saying this to you personally–just to everyone, in general). He did MORE than anyone else has ever done…he showed us how very much could be done…and it’s important that he showed us just where our limitations lie. (…yes, the Democratic party….but that is because it has been usurped by big $$)… so he took us as far as he possibly could (within the, albeit, “reluctant” vehicle of the democratic party but it would’ve NEVER happened within the republican party)….and best part is….he is still in the Senate and will do everything he can to help us from the inside.

    I trust in Bernie’s decisions… he knows what he is doing. i will never not believe he is a man of utmost integrity. Sure, he may make some mistakes like all humans do… but if he does, when he realizes it, he will admit it and adjust. He is not a manipulator. He will always try to do the best he can for We The People. ……. i can’t help but wonder if he was threatened…. even physically. … but…maybe not. He very much knew the Dem corporatists… and their Masters… would put up a mighty fight. And now we know why it is so important that we become more INvolved than ever and keep on fighting the GOOD fight…to change the sysem …and above all, take back the Democratic party…. and …. change PARTIES.

    …I’m not sure of the exact answer but together, we will flow and find our way. Love. Peace. Forgive. Flow. Let’s get America Back to Good so we can reclaim the title as the shining beacon of Light to the World…or maybe it’s more like …so we can claim that title legitimately, for the first time.

    I’m sorry this is so long. I’m passionate on these topics and i can see you are too. I want to make sure people don’t misdirect their anger toward Bernie (I don’t think Jill can actually win and it i think it’s important to keep a democrat in so we can grow the progressives within the party and not have to try to start from scratch when the mechanism already exists?? … but it does need to be changed and i think that must be done from within)

    If i haven’t totally burnt you out…I’m starting a website…maybe it would interest you (it’s not finished or completely updated but it’s a great start).. SpiritMatters.squarespace.com

    thanx so much for all you have done and continue to do.