Just hit the PAYPAL donation button below the article (and the advertisements) and shoot us an email letting us know to earmark your contribution to the SURVIVORS GUIDE TO PRISON film..


…is a chilling exposé of the criminal justice system in America, told through the eyes of its victims and narrator Matthew Cooke. Executive produced by Adrian Grenierand Susan Sarandon, and featuring Harry Belafonte, Deepak Chopra, Russell Simmons, Michelle Alexander, Tom Morello, and Brandon Boyd.”

SURVIVOR’S GUIDE TO PRISON exposes the HORROR of the criminal justice system– from the time you get arrested, to the time you are tried, to your incarceration, to (if applicable) the MOMENT you are released. We tell you what to do to survive… no guarantees.

Some people ask me, with all these famous people in the film, why can’t THEY just pay for the movie? GREAT QUESTION! They are investing in the movie not JUST financially but with their time — which is also worth a LOT of money.

Power in numbers speaks much louder than a handful of celebrities in  the movement for deep political change. My ideal scenario would be 2 million people donating 5 cents each, because that would mean 2 million people were invested in changing this broken system. And that would make it happen.

Anything you can afford – a dime, a dollar or more – represents your heart’s participation in this movement to reform criminal justice.

Your support isn’t just about this movie. It’s about a movement to radically reform the criminal justice system which so desperately needs our help.

If we want to break crime cycles in communities, we need prevention through investing in jobs & education. We need more restorative justice programs, which are proven to be some of the most impactful experiences with a 90% success rate in preventing people creating any more harm.

But none of this information happens without us banding together, and my hope is this film can be one of the focal points in the sea change already underway.Just hit the PAYPAL donation button below the article (and the advertisements) and shoot us an email letting us know to earmark your contribution to the SURVIVORS GUIDE TO PRISON film.

  • ElysetheEevee

    I’ve been trying to develop ideas to start a campaign to assist people incarcerated and on parole for crimes they don’t commit or crimes that were blown completely out of proportion. If you need any kind of help (I don’t have a lot of money, my boyfriend of years and years is on parole right now, for something he didn’t do), please let me know. I really, really want to make a difference in how this country treats people.
    Not only do they try to violate my boyfriends parole any chance they get (Idaho state), but they charge outrageous fees, refuse to expunge or wipe your record after a certain time, and they even harrass me and go through my record on a monthly basis. I COOPERATED with them. This country is a complete mess and states like Idaho need to be the first to change.
    Please contact me for more info. I have a wealth of information about someone who was wrongfully convicted on purely fabricated and illegal incorrect information, and who is now serving a grand total of NINE years for a weed-related charge that they couldn’t attach him to.
    I admire your determination in doing this. People need to see that Prison isn’t some hub where people go to get free healthcare and cable TV. It’s hell, and the standards for arrest and what police can get away with are ridiculous.
    Please contact me through Facebook. I would love to get involved.

  • Kevin Chiles

    Love your work man. Keep it going!