It’s easy in the 24 hour news cycle to get distracted by the next trending topic. Meanwhile the root causes for too much suffering go unaddressed. 

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America has the largest prison population on the planet.

The primary fuel for our criminal justice system are the ineffective and counter-productive desires for revenge and money.

It’s both racist and classist in that it hunts and cages the poor at rates unprecedented in recent history.

And it doesn’t work. 77% of state prisoners return within 5 years.

It doesn’t heal victims of crime. It doesn’t deter nor help those live a life free from crime.

We’re making incremental progress but we need so much more. More accountability and transparency. And a radical change in from the punishment / revenge model to a system that works.

Sandra’s arrest and incarceration is the model opposite of what we want from our peace officers. Why we need citizens harassed, provoked, arrested and detained for days — all for the “crime” of getting out of the way of a public servant is beyond reason.

A week after Sandra’s arrest, it was announced that the investigation was being treated like a murder, not a suicide, and that the case would continue onto a grand jury.

Walter County District Attorney Elton Mathis said that the there are too many questions that still need to be resolved to consider this a suicide, as Bland had many good things going on her life and suicide did not make sense.

Recently, the council members of Prairie View, Texas announced that the street on which Bland was arrested would be named in her honor and would serve as a reminder of all the injustices she suffered.


Earlier this month, Bland’s family filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the individuals who had a hand in both her arrest and incarceration.

Although this is a small step, many questions remain unanswered, and too many issues go completely unaddressed…

Her case and story is not only so important on its own — to her family and immediate community, but also as a rallying cry for change in criminal justice overall.


Stand with me and take a few brief moments to sign these petitions to demand justice for Sandra Bland: