A massive victory is being celebrated in California as it became the first state ever to ban the use of secret grand juries in police shooting cases.

This bill came to prominence in the aftermath of the grand jury decisions in Ferguson, Missouri, after the murder of Michael Brown and in Staten Island, New York, after the murder of Eric Garner. The officers in both of these cases were not indicted.

The grand jury process is secretive by nature and court records are off-limits — promoting many to question the ethics of the system and the accountability of the people behind it. For more information on the Grand Jury system and its history read this excellent article by Noah Feldman here.

Gov. Brown also signed off on a measure to further encourage police accountability by ensuring the right of the public to record or photograph police in public areas.

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Much more need to be done in criminal justice reform but this is a solid step and shows what happens when the people lead.


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