DEEZ NUTS is really running for president…

15-year-old Brady Olson (Iowa) has filed to run for leader of the free world as “Deez Nuts”. Olson said he decided to run because he is “frustrated with the two-party system.” We’re with you Brady.

An issue polling specialist at Public Policy Polling squared him off against Trump and Clinton in Minnesota a few weeks ago and as The Daily Beast reported Deez Nuts polled at 7%.

His numbers rose to 8% in Iowa, then 9% in North Carolina and now Olson is seriously considering how best to get into the oval office, despite the fact that he’s 20 years too young to legally be elected.

The fact that people are supporting him show how completely disillusioned most of us are with not only the political system as it is but the commercial media’s lack of coverage of issues over the 2 party horse race.

Meanwhile, people in 23 different states have offered to work on Deez Nuts campaign.

I for one will NOT be voting for Deez Nuts as deeply compelling the prospect might be. I’ll be going with Bernie Sanders. And apparently, Deez Nuts (Brady Olson) is going with Bernie too.

Brady. I love you dude.