Black Lives Matter activist group We the Protesters, have a righteous goal:
Reduce all police violence in the US to zero.

As I stated as clearly as I could in the Racebaiting 101 video all Americans need to get behind these common sense, fact based demands:

1) End Broken Windows Policing,
2) Community Oversight
3) Limit Use of Force
4) Independently Investigate & Prosecute
5) Community Representation
6) Body Cameras
7) Training
8) End for-profit policing
9) Demilitarization
10) Fair police union contracts.

These demands are more detailed here:

As far as leading presidential candidates go, Bernie Sanders leads the pack in public statements that meet these demands minus one of the biggest (#8) — policing for profit. Should any of us have the opportunity (and we do), let’s press him on that. It’s a big one.

Here’s his facebook page, twitter handle and campaign page.


Click here to put your name behind these demands. I did. Only took a few clicks.