YOU are in a reality game show. Here are the rules:

You wake up tiny, powerless, on a small rock in an infinite space. There’s no escape.

Your memory’s been erased and you don’t know how to speak, think or move. You’ll learn everything about playing the game, from within the game.

There are 2 types of rules. Hard rules like gravity. And invented rules like you cant light this plant on fire.

Be careful! Contestants fight over the rules.

The game-master has locked you inside ONE game piece for the duration of the game. Do your best with which one you get.

EVERY game piece has a mystery time limit. So you’ll want to WIN, as quickly as possible!

Unfortunately “HOW to win” has been in dispute for 1000s of years.

Some say it’s the game piece itself that’s the obstacle to understanding the game.

Whatever you believe, there’s one that thing survives when your time is up: 
Your legacy.

And there’s one thing you’ll forget while playing the game: The game itself.
This is your reminder.

My name’s Matthew Cooke. And this is THE SURVIVORS GUIDE TO EARTH.

News, tips, and suggestions for your brief stay, and how to leave the best possible legacy. And don’t forget! Everyone’s a loser in the end. 😉

NOTE RE: that last line…. I really only mean you lose your “game piece”. In another sense everyone’s a winner because they get the blessing of being given life in this mysterious unfathomable world. ~ mc